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WIG50 and WIG250 indices

Warsaw Stock Exchange will publish WIG50 and WIG250 indices starting on 24 March 2014. This is another important step, relevant to small and medium-sized companies, in the restructuring of the main indices of Warsaw Stock Exchange. WIG50 and WIG250 will be price indices, which means that their value will be based only on prices of transactions excluding dividend income.

The publication of the new indices as of 24 March 2014 implies that calculation and publication of sWIG80 and WIG-Plus will be discontinued after the trading session on 21 March 2014. However, mWIG40 will be calculated until 31 December 2015.




WIG50 / WIG250 description 
 Composition of the WIG50 index
 Composition of the WIG250 index
WIG50 / WIG250 historical data 



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