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25 years of Freedom






The year 2014 is special because it is the year of many unique anniversaries including the most important one: 25 years after the first free elections. In 1989 we opened a new chapter in the history of our country and initiated the process of important political and social change and thorough economic transition. The development of the capital market and the privatisation process were the main drivers of rebuilding the market economy. WSE is a symbol of one of the biggest achievements in the economy of the Free Poland: the capital market. Without the events of 1989 there would be no free market economy and no Warsaw Stock Exchange.

After a pause of 52 years, Warsaw Stock Exchange renewed its operation on 16 April 1991. Within less than two years after the free elections, the first trading day was held on the exchange with the participation of 7 brokerage houses trading the stock of 5 companies. On that day, 112 buy and sell orders were placed and the aggregate turnover on the exchange was PLN 1,990. Today, WSE is the biggest exchange of the region of Central and Eastern Europe and one of the most dynamically growing European markets. Its two equities markets list close to 900 issuers and the exchange members include more than 50 local and international institutions. The average daily turnover on the Main Market was PLN 891 million in 2013.

The development of WSE would not have been possible had it not been for the free market economy and the enthusiasm of Poles ready to actively participate in the economic transition. The Exchange has become an important contributor to raising capital for Polish companies and diversifying the savings of the population. It has also become an effective tool for the international promotion of the Polish market. This has been facilitated by good regulation, effective supervision, state-of-the-art infrastructure typical of mature markets which ensures safety of trading and transactions, and a broad offer of products addressed to a diversified base of local and international investors.

WSE is honoured to be a partner of the celebrations on the 25th anniversary of the first free elections in Poland under the honorary patronage of the President of Poland.






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