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DWS Polska Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A. (currently Investors) in co-operation with the Warsaw Stock Exchange started to calculate and publish the stock index DWS MS (DWS Small and Mid-Caps) on 31 March 2003. The index was renamed Investor MS on 14 March 2011. The index tracks the performance of the stock of small and mid-cap companies in the investment focus of the fund Investor Top 25 Małych Spółek FIO (formerly DWS Polska TOP 25 Małych Spółek). The Investor MS index is the fund’s investment performance benchmark. The methodology of the Investor MS index was developed jointly by the Warsaw Stock Exchange and DWS Polska TFI S.A. (currently Investors). The WSE regularly calculates and publishes the index and supervises its correct calculation. The opening and closing value of the index is published on every trading day. The opening value is based on transactions closed by 11:30. The index closing value is calculated on the basis of closing prices after the session’s close and is the central index value for the day. The Investor MS index is a total return index. The index base date is 31 December 2002. The index is weighted with the value of free-float shares for those companies whose free-float is at least 10%. The index portfolio comprises companies whose market capitalisation is smaller than the capitalisation of each of the top 10% companies with the highest capitalisation and greater than each of the bottom 30% companies with the lowest capitalisation. Companies whose equity turns negative and those against which creditor agreement or bankruptcy proceedings are instituted are excluded from the index portfolio. Promotion of corporate governance rules for public companies is an important aspect of the index.


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