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The business strategy of Warsaw Stock Exchange Group is pursued in a responsible and transparent manner, in co-operation and in dialogue with all major stakeholder groups. The Group carries out its operations taking into account social, ethical and environmental factors. The main motivation for the pursued CSR policy is to improve the quality of the Polish capital and commodities markets, among others by means of educational programmes, promotion of the highest standards of corporate governance and communication, and support for co-operation and active dialogue with and among market participants.

In 2013, GPW developed and implemented a CSR strategy based on four pillars relevant to the activity of the Exchange and its role on the Polish capital market:

  • activities for the market;
  • education;
  • employee relations;
  • environmental activities.

The next step was to extend the existing strategy of corporate social responsibility for all the companies of the GPW Group. The common CSR strategy for the GPW and its subsidiaries BondSpot and TGE was developed and implemented in 2015 and it connects the business mission of the GPW Group with respecting the interests of all the stakeholders based on dialogue and cooperation.

CSR Strategy of GPW Group

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