Statement of the Warsaw Stock Exchange concerning the continuity of safe trade at a time of strong market volatility

2020-03-13 11:02:35

The global capital markets have been under strong pressure in the past weeks due to the spread of the coronavirus. The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) has been operating efficiently without interruption.

It is the priority of GPW to protect safety of trade and to enable investors to trade. GPW makes best efforts to ensure that its services are available continuously without interruption. As an organiser of trade, under its business continuity plan, GPW has in place a range of tools, procedures and mechanisms protecting safety of trade at a time of strong market volatility. The exchange’s trading system is electronic, stable, and resilient to external factors as a technology. GPW’s technological and organisational solutions support remote work in most posts as well as the safe relocation of work posts to a back-up site. GPW has reviewed the business continuity plans in the event of increased risk of adverse effect of the coronavirus. GPW’s procedures incorporate scenarios of such threats and provide for legal solutions necessary to ensure continuous operation of the exchange.

At this time, there are no operational reasons to suspend trade on the exchange. GPW monitors the market situation on an on-going basis and is in close contact with investment firms – exchange members and other capital market institutions.