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In order to diversify its range of services and raise its profile among European markets, the Warsaw Stock Exchange opened a debt instrument market called CATALYST.

Launched on 30 September 2009, this is the first organised debt instruments market in Poland. It is maintained on transaction platforms owned by the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) and BondSpot. Catalyst comprises four trading platforms. Two of them are operated by the WSE: as a regulated market and an alternative trading system (ATS) for retail customers. The two other platforms are dedicated to wholesale customers and are operated by BondSpot as a regulated market and an ATS.

Catalyst is designed for trading municipal and corporate bonds, as well as mortgage bonds and other debt instruments. It was built as a platform to facilitate financing for local government and companies and to enable investments in such instruments on an efficient, safe and transparent public market. With its architecture, Catalyst can serve the needs of different investor groups: wholesale and retail investors, institutional and individual clients.

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