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Signing the distribution agreement is connected with the following fees:

Annual fees

The invoice regarding annual fee is issued by the WSE immediately after signing of the agreement. Its amount depends on the way of receiving the data from the WSE, range of information and declared mode of making the exchange data accessible to the clients.

Fees for the full range of data:

Available as real-time or delayed data

• 120 000 PLN (directly from the WSE)
• 82 000 PLN ("subdistributor")

Warsaw Stock Exchange has decided to introduce regulations and fees for the use of Real- time Information in Automated Trading Applications and Other Non-display Use Applications for the purpose of risk management, quantitative analysis, fund administration, portfolio management or generation of trading signals to support manual trading activities. The agreements with clients using WSE data in non-display mode provide discount prices for the initial period. Please refer to the attached fee schedule.

The difference between the distributor and subdistributors fee results from the fact that the distributor, receiving data directly from the WSE, is charged both with the technical and distribution fee, while the subdistributor is charged only with the distribution fee.

Monthly fees

If a data distributor provides its clients with the real-time data, he is also obliged to pay a monthly fee for each subscriber receiving the real-time data. This fee is a lump (monthly ) fee its amount does not depend on the actual time of accessing the exchange data by the subscriber (within this fee the subscriber may access the data during all trading sessions within the given month/ quarter).
The fees are differentiated considering the type of subscribers (physical person, legal person, brokerage house member of the WSE), range of data and the type of the equipment used to receive data.



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