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Market data services

Investors, capital market institutions and mass media obtain information about prices and quotes through official Exchange bulletin, which is published after each session, electronic services available from data distributors and through national television teletext service.

Results are also published in Polish national and some local newspapers.The Warsaw Stock Exchange's daily official bulletin, CEDULA, lists quotations and important data from companies financial reports. Subscription to CEDULA (available in the electronic version) and some other WSE publications (which are listed in a chapter on exchange publications) may be obtained by writing to the Trading Department:

Warsaw Stock Exchange
Ksiazeca 4, 00-498 Warsaw
Tel.: (+48 22) 537-74-53, Fax: (+48 22) 537-71-34

Electronic data distribution

The electronic data feed is the major way of informing market participants about the market situation. The Warsaw Stock Exchange developed real-time data distribution system, in which professional data distributors receive data feed from the Exchange and after processing and integrating it with other information, offer it to their clients. So far distributors like Reuters, Bloomberg and Polish Teletext Agency signed distributor agreement with the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Domestic investors may in addition use the public television teletext service, which is available free of charge. On pages 610-613 prices and offers during the session as well as additional information is broadcasted. After the session end-of-day data are available. Due to its technology, the teletext service is relatively slow and is not error-free, but it can be received on any tv set with teletext. Another, more advanced system offered by Polish Teletext Agency is so called coded teletext. To receive this service one needs to purchase a dedicated PC card and software package and to install an antenna in order to receive the encoded signal. This system enables processing market information in spreadsheet format. The information received can be easily stored and used for further analysis. It also has higher level of accuracy. With this system it is possible to follow the market situation in real-time, which is especially important with the continuous trading.


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