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2011-02-11 16:58:18

Kernel Holding in the WIG20

  • The first Ukrainian and second foreign company included in the WIG20 index.
  • Kernel Holding’s capitalization has grown fourfold in three years.

The dynamic expansion of Kernel Holding, and its promotion to the index incorporating the largest and most traded companies on the WSE, is an example of the business success which a listing on the Warsaw exchange can bring to Ukrainian issuers. The second Ukrainian company to be listed on the WSE – Kernel Holding – débuted on 23 November 2007, raising more than 400 million zloty from the sale of newly issued shares. Thanks to that issue, a good development strategy and effective management, the company’s market value has grown more than fourfold since that time, going from 1.5 to 6.1 billion PLN.

"The inclusion of Kernel in the WIG 20 index is a very important step for our Company. It is a tribute to the vitality of our business and to the significant growth we have achieved over the 3 years since we have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. (...) Undoubtedly, this event brings Kernel and Ukraine under the spotlight of the international investment community: it will provide a further opportunity to highlight the quality of our Company and the investment opportunities in the agribusiness of Ukraine." - Andrey Verevskyy, Chairman of the Board of Kernel Holding stated.

Kernel Holding’s success has assured the company a prominent position not only on the WSE. In May 2010 it became one of the companies making up the MSCI Emerging Markets index, which is used by global investors to analyse the economic situation in developing markets.

Kernel will be the second foreign company included in the WIG20 index (the first being CEZ, from the Czech Republic). The change will be made at the annual revision following the trading session on 18 March 2011.

Ukrainian issuers are attracting a great deal of interest from investors on the WSE. Six companies from that country have so far chosen the Warsaw exchange as a platform for financing and secondary trading: Agroliga Group, Agroton, Astarta Holding, Kernel Holding, Milkiland and Sadovaya Group. Further companies from beyond Poland’s eastern border are planning débuts on the WSE.

Warsaw Stock Exchange
The Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest stock market in the Central and Eastern Europe region, and organizes trading on one of the most rapidly developing capital markets in Europe. Since 2006 the Warsaw exchange has been in the forefront of European markets as regards IPO activity (in 2010 it took second place in terms of both the number and value of offerings). The WSE hosts a regulated market for shares and derivatives, as well as the NewConnect alternative equity market for growth companies. The WSE is also developing Catalyst – a market for issuers of corporate and municipal bonds. Since 11 December 2010 the Warsaw exchange has also hosted the WSE Energy Market, which enables spot trading in electrical energy as well as forward transactions.


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