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2017-06-08 17:19:39

GPW Opens Up to Start-ups and Launches an Accelerator with Beesfund

Warsaw, 8 June 2017

GPW Opens Up to Start-ups and Launches an Accelerator with Beesfund


  • The Warsaw Stock Exchange and Beesfund, Poland’s biggest equity crowdfunding platform, have signed a partnership agreement
  • The agreement aims to establish an Accelerator to support networking with the start-up ecosystem and spark interest of public companies in start-ups

On Thursday, 8 June 2017, Jarosław Grzywiński, acting President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and Arkadiusz Regiec, President of Beesfund S.A., signed an agreement to jointly establish the GPW Accelerator.

The mission of the Accelerator is to support networking, spark interest of listed companies in start-ups, help start-ups find clients among GPW-listed companies, assist start-ups in building relationships and facilitate contacts of start-ups with investors on the capital market.

“We believe that the capital market can support innovative companies at an early phase of growth and prepare them for a subsequent IPO on NewConnect or on the Main Market”, said Jarosław Grzywiński, acting President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

GPW and Beesfund want to Accelerator to be open to co-operation with the entire start-up ecosystem. Consequently, the Accelerator is expected to collaborate with other business accelerators, venture funds, and foundations present on the start-up market. The GPW Accelerator will provide them with alternatives of raising funds on the capital market.

“Our partnership with GPW has been inspired by similar solutions implemented by advanced exchanges around the world. However, our Accelerator is an original project aligned with the regional conditions”, said Arkadiusz Regiec.

The Accelerator is already in operation. It has published the first call for proposals. The call is open to companies in Central Europe, including users of the Beesfund platform.

“Beesfund S.A. is the youngest offspring of the Polish capital market, and equity crowdfunding is a close match to GPW’s mission. Most of our issuers are joint stock companies and limited partnerships; we allow them to attract a diversified investor base: new issue shares are taken up on average by 140 investors. These conditions are conducive to a success of IPOs on NewConnect and improve market liquidity and investor confidence. It is for these reasons that the Warsaw Stock Exchange is our natural partner. We are a Polish company and we believe that with the support of our partner Poland will become the heart of the start-up ecosystem in Central Europe. The companies we support will be regular issuers on NewConnect, which is why we are willing to initiate this partnership”, said the President of Beesfund S.A.


The Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) is one of the fastest growing exchanges in Central and Eastern Europe. GPW lists more than 880 companies with a total capitalisation of ca. USD 350 billion. The GPW Group offers access to a broad range of equities, derivatives, debt and structured instruments. The Polish Power Exchange (POLPX), a member of the GPW Group since February 2012, offers trade in electricity, natural gas, property rights in the support scheme for renewable energy sources, cogeneration and energy efficiency, guarantees of origin, and CO2 emission allowances. GPW has been a market of first choice for domestic and international investors in Europe for 26 years. Since 9 November 2010, GPW is a public company listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange. For more information, visit


Beesfund S.A. is the biggest platform in Central and Eastern Europe supporting joint stock companies and limited partnership in IPOs and assisting them in raising growth capital after the IPO. Beesfund has supported the IPOs of Browar Inne Beczki,, InPay, Towarzystwa Biznesowe, Faktorama, Cydrownia.

An IPO on the Beesfund platform provides businesses with a range of benefits, including the emergence of an investor community for the company as well as PR and marketing campaigns. IPOs afford an opportunity to get a valuation of the business, which could spark interest of potential strategic investors. On the other hand, IPOs allow employees to become shareholders of their company. Most importantly, businesses may raise EUR 100 thous. of capital and prepare for an IPO on NewConnect or GPW.

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