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About GPW

Warsaw Stock Exchange has helped Polish companies to grow for 25 years, enabling them to raise capital for investments, job creation, international expansion, research and development. Thanks to the developed capital market infrastructure and the strength of the local economy, investors from around the world have invested their capital in Polish companies. Another major source of capital are the savings of nearly 20 million Poles managed by domestic investment funds and pension funds.   25 years of experience, security of trade, operational excellence and a wide range of products make GPW one of the most recognised Polish financial institutions world-wide.

Companies listed on the exchange are the biggest investors in Poland, which makes them a key driver of the economic growth of the regions. Listed companies employ more than 776 thousand people in Poland, i.e., approximately 14% of the total workforce of the corporate sector (source: Central Statistical Office, PwC, 2015). In 2015, companies newly listed on GPW’s stock markets and their owners jointly raised EUR 440 million of capital, which ranks Poland #10 in Europe. As measured by the number of IPOs, Warsaw came third in Europe after London and Stockholm. The strong interest of local and regional companies in listing on GPW has for many years strengthened the position of the Exchange as one of Europe’s leading and CEE’s top market by the number of listed companies. The markets operated by GPW offer trade in stocks and bonds of nearly one thousand local and international issuers. Most of the issuers are small and medium-sized companies of Polish origin.

The Exchange also offers trading in debt instruments, derivatives and structured products, and promotes economic education through the GPW Foundation.

Warsaw Stock Exchange is a dominant company of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Group, whose offer includes, in addition to the financial market, commodity market. Acting through the Polish Power Exchange (TGE) the GPW Group makes a major contribution to the liberalisation of Poland’s energy and natural gas markets and helps to improve the country’s energy security. TGE is an active participant of the European energy market as a member of PCR (Price Coupling of Regions) and supports trade via the link with Sweden and Lithuania. It is also an important part of the national support scheme for the production of energy from renewable sources and cogeneration.

The Polish Power Exchange operates one of the most liquid electricity markets in Europe. In addition to trade in electricity, the commodity market also offers trade in natural gas, property rights in certificates of origin, as well as CO2 emission allowances. In 2015, TGE opened its Financial Instruments Market which offers trade in electricity futures. TGE also operates a Register of Certificates of Origin and a Register of Guarantees of Origin; through the subsidiary Commodity Clearing House (IRGiT), it clears transactions on the TGE commodity and financial markets.

Post-trade services for the financial market operated by GPW and BondSpot, including depository, clearing and settlement services, are offered by GPW’s associate, the Central Securities Depository of Poland (KDPW), and its subsidiary KDPW_CCP S.A.

Business lines and product offer of the GPW Group


[1] Associate (GPW stake: 33%); offers post-trade services on the financial market


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