Exchange court

Exchange court settled civil disputes for property rights between participants in exchange transactions.

The operating rules of the Exchange Court are laid down in its Rules. The Rules also apply in property rights disputes under civil law between the Warsaw Stock Exchange and its shareholders.

The Rules also apply to proceedings before the Exchange Court concerning appeals against decisions of the Exchange Management Board imposing penalties under the Exchange Rules.

The Rules of the Exchange Court also apply in other disputes concerning property rights arising in organised trade in financial instruments where the parties have decided to submit the case to be resolved by the Exchange Court.

The Exchange Court has its seat in Warsaw. The Exchange Court is comprised of 10 judges elected by the General Meeting for a term of three years.

The current composition of the Exchange Court:

  • Prof. zw. Dr hab. Andrzej Szumański – President of the Exchange Court
  • Prof. Dr hab. Aleksander Chłopecki – Deputy President of the Exchange Court
  • Prof. Dr hab. Jan Izdebski
  • Prof. Dr hab. Maciej Mataczyński
  • Prof. Dr hab. Marek Michalski
  • Prof. nadzw. dr hab. Mirosław Pawełczyk
  • Dr Mateusz Rodzynkiewicz
  • Prof. Dr hab. Tomasz Siemiątkowski
  • Prof. Dr hab. Paweł Wajda
  • Prof. Dr hab. Aleksander Werner