Market Data

Dynamical character of financial markets implies a raising need for market data. Warsaw Stock Exchange provides complete trading information offered via advanced technological solutions for the purpose of display and non-display usage. It meets various needs of entities operating on financial markets, such as data vendors, entities using data for purposes of automated trading, risk management, quantitative analysis, fund administration, portfolio management or the generation of trading signals to support manual trading activities.

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Real time market data

Wide range of offered data includes WSE main market, NewConnect, Catalyst, Treasury BondSpot, Polish Power Exchange and GPW Benchmark. A distributor may receive data directly from WSE or as a subdistributor that is connected via another WSE distributor (WSE does not assist in such cooperation, however, its terms needs to comply with Market Data License Agreement that each data distributor signs with WSE).

  User Declaration (TBSP data)

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  -15 min

Delayed data

Delayed data has a 15 minutes lag in comparison with the real time data feed.

If a company intends to offer its clients an access to delayed data (with 15-minute delay), it is first obliged to sign the Market Data License Agreement with WSE (the same as in case of real time data distribution).

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Market Data License Agreement ensures the highest standard of services and transparent fees, that are divided into annual and monthly fees.

Fee schedule effective as of 1 January 2021

Fee schedule effective as of 1 July 2020

Fee schedule effective as of 1 January 2020

Fee schedule effective as of 1 February 2019

Fee schedule effective as of 1 January 2019

Fee schedule effective as of 4 July 2018

Fee schedule effective as of 1 January 2018

Fee schedule effective as of 30 June 2017

The Stock Exchange shall notify the Licensee of adjustments to the Fee Schedule at least ninety (90) days before the effective date of the change. The Stock Exchange may introduce changes to the Fee Schedule on shorter notice (for example to reduce Fees or introduce alternative Fee structures).
Annual fees

Annual fee is invoiced immediately after signing Market Data License Agreement. Its amount depends on a way of receiving the data from WSE, range of information and usage purpose.

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Monthly fees

If a data distributor provides its subscribers with the real time data, he is also obliged to pay a monthly fee for each subscriber receiving the real time data. This fee does not depend on the actual time of accessing the exchange data by the subscriber (within this fee the subscriber may access the data during all trading sessions within the given month). The fees are differentiated considering the type of subscribers (individual, legal person, brokerage - member of WSE) and the range of data.

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Number of instruments covered and the total turnover of instruments covered
  Number of instruments
(as of 30.09.2019)
Turnover Q1-Q3 2019 (PLN)
Regulated market – stocks and rights to shares 458 152 516 012 166,41
Regulated market (GPW and BondSpot) – bonds 273 1 268 137 688,54
Regulated market - derivatives 749 147 854 198 937,53
ASO - stocks 382 1 077 365 913,02
ASO (GPW and BondSpot) – bonds 289 978 070 305,73


To determine the costs for any activities, the WSE has chosen the Activity-Based Costing and the cost centre accounting as the base of accounting methodology. The results of chosen ABC methodology are identifying activities in the organization and assigns a cost of each activity and product. By using Activity-Based Costing the WSE is able to produce more accurate costing for each of the providing activities.


List of data vendors (88)

Name Country Website
Other products

Value added data and indicators

The Warsaw Stock Exchange offers a range of information products useful for financial institutions.

Data is available in user friendly formats (CSV or XLS) allowing easy loading into database.

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